An events brand that is synonymous with its ethos, ABODE is London’s leading party and is quickly becoming one of the largest in the UK & Europe. With a residency at London’s hottest venue in Studio 338, a summer residency at world-renowned Amnesia Ibiza and festivals in Malta and London’s Finsbury Park to boot; we strive to continuously provide the highest quality events possible, time and time again.

A party centred around a very strong team of talented residents/rising stars that are growing exponentially, built on a foundation of like-minded community, organic dance music and perpetual memories… it’s a simple philosophy that demonstrates an affirmative outcome. We believe that by doing the above we are making a positive impact on one of the worlds greatest industries, by helping to advocate the same passion that started it all.

As the name very much suggests, ABODE is already a home for many dancefloor aficionados and great spirits; long may that continue to be the case, a place where people can come and find comfortable residence amongst other people that share the same enthusiasm.